for your consideration. aka [today]

god its nice to have a decent girl friend again.
that's all I'm going to say on that matter.

I've been cracked out on Call of Duty 2 for the past few days. It's seriously getting bad.
before beginning the links, here are some honorable mentions:

Today on the radio I heard that Kanye, the man who wants to be the called the next "King of Pop" (dream on douche bag), was at the top of the list being counted down on 100.1 The Beat. What list was this you may ask? The Top 10 Drama Queens of 2009. Thats right. The wannabe King was named #1 Queen. Oh the irony.

ladies if you have some time to kill: polyvore

anyway, here are some things I've run across worth mentioning, for you :)

Dogs in Clothes

Best Revenge EVER.
(okay, maybe not ever, but definitely fucking hilarious)


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