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Monkey's Eating Jello
Part of an enrichment program at the Bronx Zoo. To help keep the monkey brains on their toes. or something.


What 2009's Movies Have Taught Us
personal favorites:
District Nine - A spaceship that has run out of power can still levitate itself, despite a lack of power
The Hangover - If you have to feed a tiger in the bathroom, go inside and close the door, instead of just entering, throwing him the steak and run closing the door after you.


Sinks. Yeah, Sinks.

Idk about you, but I'm a sucker for some badass interior design. This page has a few of the coolest sinks I've ever fucking seen.
hit that bowl and check 'em out.


If sinks aren't your think, maybe you'd like to see people who've clearly had too much to drink.This guy here certainly looks like he's had one too many. Or maybe he's just using his sex appeal to score him a few more free drinks. If that's the case, play on playa. See his fellow overconsumers here.


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