retaking up the pen/keyboard.

it's been far too long, eh?
so things I've discovered this summer:

I'm not suited for an office job with lots of paperwork.
I really like meeting new people several times a day as part of my career.
I have a tendency to take on too much responsibility.
I also like to fuck myself (and not in the sexy way.)
living alone isn't so bad, but I think I need a plant.
I like kittens. still not cats, just kittens.
Everything in life is unstable. The only consistency is inconsistency.
I suck at fantasy football (though I did still SPANK James and Scott... suckas)
I need to write a book so I can start a cult or something, because I have some of the answers.
I am ignorant/there's still so much to learn.
I live in a drama-tornado, which is counter-intuitive in that I haaaaaaate drama.
I love dub music as well as bluegrass and americana.
I need to read more.
I like stout beers.
I'm a flake sometimes.
I'm a lover all the time, and a fighter only when I'm feeling overly feisty.
I am not the best with technology in terms of sharing/blogging/uploading. (Read also: I'm lazy.)
I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't figure out at least a compass direction.

Life is hard, but it beats the alternative.