my how time flies

It's been over a month since I've shared anything with you...
where to start?

how about with this guy?
something about this picture really speaks to me.
sometimes I wish I could cover my body in words and pictures and words that make pictures.

you know, in some societies the tattoos on ones face are used to tell you who they are, what they do, if they are respected within the tribe, which tribe they are from, etc.

Imagine if outside of personal representation, there was something else, something permanent, marking you as what you are for the world at large to read upon your face.

would it be liberating, or inhibiting?


if you are interested in tats, here is a link to an artist, Kai Smart, who has a large online portfolio with some interesting pieces. Some of them are unimpressive, but a few are pretty spectacular. I particularly like the jellies.


oh, and just for my amusement, I saved this photo to share. 

This is quite the hat, i must say...

i still can't decide if I think it's hilarious or if it just somehow kind of grosses me out...



oh, so I checked out a deadmau5 video last week, and it cracks me up every time.
Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff

I mention this because I heard them for the first time in a while during a nighttime outing, if you will, while in LA.

 speaking of LA...


Soooo I went to LA last week for several days. I was attending a conference called CNBAM. It was waaaay too much fun. I've been debating posting a few pictures. Maybe if I can get the flickr thing going, I'll have a small slideshow.
stay tuned for details.



90.5 fm & HD-1 Columbia

muggle-friendly radio.
with these sexy hosts.
mondays 12-2 pm.
you know you want to :)

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